Alexander Nikitin: The more complicated and confusing the role, the more interesting it is

4 December 2021
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The film crew of Kyivtelefilm Film Company, lead by the director Sergey Scherbin, has finished work on 16-episode melodrama «I will take your family». Now the picture is in post-production stage and soon will be broadcast on the TV channel «Ukraine».

One of the main roles in the series was played by the famous actor Alexander Nikitin.

This time the audience will see the artist as a wealthy businessman Mikhail Agapov. In the plot, the man saves the main character from suicide. However, in return he invites her to embark on an equally dangerous adventure – to infiltrate the company of his long-time enemy and rival, whom he intends to bankrupt, as a new employee.

Our reporters were able to meet the actor during filming and talk to him about the role in the new project.

All the details are further in the article.

– Alexander, what interested you in working on a role in the series «I will take your family»?

– While working on a role, it is always interesting when some kind of a turning point or a radical change happen in the life of a character, in the background of which he also changes himself. In this picture, his encounter with the main character becomes such an iconic event.

Getting to know her changed his life completely: something about it changed for the better, something for worse, something became more acute… And it was very interesting to build it all up.

– You partly the question, but if you want to speak more globally, what role is the interesting one? And does it have to be the main one?

– No, it doesn’t have to be the main one. The role is interesting primarily when there are unpredictable twists in the character’s storyline, the story includes the character’s emotional experiences, some vicissitudes happen to him that lead to his transformation. In short, when there’s something to play. And not to do it bluntly.

I also like to have action in the script, although I can’t say it’s a mandatory criterion. There will be episodes like this in the picture we’re talking about. There’s a lot of stuff in it – action, tragedy, comedy elements, too. And it’s very interesting.

In general, the more complicated and the more ambiguous and confusing the role, the more interesting it is. After all, we, actors, are all masochists of sorts. For us, the more difficult, the better (Smiles, – Ed.).

– I have repeatedly heard your colleagues say that an actor’s own personal experience can be a kind of fuel and a tool to help him in his work. Do you agree with that view?

– I think it’s all very personal. Each masters his craft in his own way, and each artist and professional has his own tools to use in his work.

I, for example, approach not not just every role, but every episode, as a separate story written from scratch. I’m «blank» before each scene, figuratively speaking. And I fill up right in the process of unraveling it, understanding what’s going on in it, how my character is changing, what he’s supposed to be in the beginning, and what’s in the end…

– Speaking in general about the profession, what do you think the concept «to be a good actor» means today?

– The acting profession is very dependent and judgments about it are very subjective. There is no such thing as an actor being liked by everyone. One part of the audience that we, well, work for, like Al Pacino, and the other – Robert De Niro. However, they both are geniuses… So,  there can be no clear answer.

– What is important to you in working with the director?

– The director develops the whole picture – he sees where it is necessary to start the story and how to finish it. We actors, in this situation, are his instrument for telling a story. Therefore, we must have absolute confidence in this person and an understanding of what he wants to see as a result.

Considering this, we can offer him our variants of how something can be expressed, made brighter, etc. If it «falls in the moneybox» – that is, coincides with the director’s vision, we do it. If not, we should readily abandon the idea, and continue with our work.

On the set, the actor and the director must work in tandem. And the stronger it is, the better for the role itself, the more interesting and comfortable this collaboration.

– How demanding are you to yourself and to colleagues when working on the set?

– I expect much from myself, and as for my fellow actors and the crew in general, I never try to interfere in their work. These are professionals doing their job.

In my opinion, everyone actually has to start with themselves. Even if you don’t understand something about working with your colleagues and you have some questions, you have to start by looking at it from a different angle.

– How was it like to work with your colleagues on the project «I will take your family»?

–  It was very good to work with everyone. It can’t be any other way. That’s what colleagues are. They’re very diverse, and that’s the beauty of it. It was interesting. How could it be different?

– Things can be different… I have, for example, heard actor say that sometimes a relationship between partners can be so heated that it is easier for them to play with a red cross on the wall…

– Well, I always respect my partners. So in turn, I can say that it may be easier to play with a red cross, but it will always be a hundred times more interesting with a partner.

– What’s the aftertaste of working on the project?

– You know, sometimes after the project ends, you think: «Ah, thank God». In this case, on the contrary, it was a bit depressing that the shooting came to the finish line and I thought: «Maybe we could film sixteen more episodes?» (Smiles, – Ed.).

We all became very close friends during work. We had a great team, no exceptions: both the director, the actors, and the whole film crew. I even became friends with the driver (Smiles, – Ed.). All were wonderful people, professionals in their field. It is always pleasant to work in such an environment.

– What ideas, in your opinion, the series «I will take your family» convey?

– Nothing we meet on our life path is accidental. You just have to recognize, understand, accept, and internalize it.


We will remind you that the shooting of the 16-episode melodrama «I will take your family» took place this autumn in Kiev and Kiev region. Kyivtelefilm Film Company carries out the complete production cycle of the film on the order of TV channel «Ukraine». It is scheduled to premiere in the first half of December of this year.

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«I will take your family»


16 episodes


Year 2021


Screenwriter: Yana Romanenko

Stage Director:  Sergey Shcherbin

Director of photography: Anton Verbin

Production designer: Alexander Ukolov

Costume designer: Tatyana Zubareva

Makeup artist: Irina Boytsova

Director of the film crew: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TRC «Ukraine»: Irina Chernyak, Victoria Korogod

General producer: Valentin Opalev


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