Eugenia Osipova about the project «I will take your family»: I have not yet had such a morally challenging role

5 December 2021
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In the near future the premiere of the action-packed storied 16-episode melodrama «I will take your family» will begin on the TV channel «Ukraine».

The film crew of Kyivtelefilm Film Company, lead by the director Sergey Shcherbin, worked on the production of the film during autumn of this year.

The director of photography was Anton Verbin.

Also, one of the key roles in it was played by the famous actress of theater and cinema Evgenia Osipova.

In the series «I will take your family» she will appear as the sister of the main character, Rita. Spoiled by an overprotective mother since childhood, the girl is completely unadapted to life, gets into trouble every now and then, and later even ends up in prison. Years spent behind the bars don’t do her any good. Having returned to freedom, she takes up her old ways, this time marking her sister Elena as the main «target». In her intentions to «poison» her life she goes so far as to lead the main character to a suicide attempt. But even that doesn’t stop her…

Our reporters were able to meet the actress while the series were filmed, and talk to her about working on a new project.

More details are further in the article.

– Eugenia, what are your impressions of working on the project «I will take your family»?

– You know, I usually compare projects to flights where random passengers get on board and gradually (spending more time together than with their family and close ones) get to know each other better and become a team. The conclusion of the filming process is like the landing of this flight, after which some of these passengers will go for a transfer, some will go about their business and they may never meet again. And if they do, it’ll be a completely different story. So when a project ends, especially a long one, there’s always some light sadness.

It’s not my first time working with Kyivtelefilm, and in all the time of our cooperation I have already got close people here, friends. This time there was some special atmosphere, which usually always depends on the director, captain of this ship.

Even though we could be in the process of shooting the hardest scenes, we laughed incredibly much during the filming process and just had a great time. And I think this kind of atmosphere is the main thing to have on the set. It’s the only way you can work towards one big joint thing without hogging the blankets or «draining» people. It was a very cool, perky, fun project. Especially if talking about my character… (Laughs, – Ed.).

– Tell me a little about your role in this project. What’s interesting about your character? 

– I don’t want to spill the beans about the plot. I will just say that the title of the film, «I will take your family», is a direct quote of my heroine…

As for the work on this character, it was a very fascinating process. As it happens, during my acting career I have been fortunate to play many different roles: positive, negative, mystical, dramatic, comical… I mean, I managed to somehow prove that I’m some kind of a universal soldier in the profession. But perhaps, until now I have not played such a heavy (morally) role as in this picture – when it is very difficult to justify the actions of my character. Which made working on it even more interesting.

It was curious to look for new facets of myself, to look at other people’s behaviors, etc. To be honest, I don’t have much of this character in me – I didn’t take it over, but working on this character was definitely fun. I think it turned out very bright.

When it comes to some philosophical aspects, such characters (and this one is even somewhat exaggerated) show the viewer how not to act in this life. In part, it’s also sort of an actor’s mission, and maybe of art in general – to point out things like this to people. So such roles have to exist.

– What lessons do you think the audience can learn from this story?

– In fact, it’s a very recognizable social story. Even if a little embellished. There is a lot of light, good and beautiful in it, but at the same time, almost all heroes are hostages of some disorder. And in my opinion, these kinds of pictures are meant to show that, despite everything, one should always aim for the light. And each of us, regardless of the circumstances, must remain a person with a capital «P», preserving in ourselves important moral principles, values and qualities, including those written in spiritual books.

– You compared the work on the project with a flight. And what does each new project mean to you, in terms of professional activity?

– First of all, a proof of my dream becoming fulfilled (Smiles, – Ed.).  Every new project makes me feel that way.

I actually think the work we do is a luxury. And we, the actors involved in making movies, are actually the lucky ones who managed to pull out their golden ticket. After all, many theatrical graduates never get this opportunity.

– Having gone through such a professional path and already having a lot of experience under your belt, what other role could you describe as: «I have definitely never done this before»?

– I think you don’t really have to set yourself any limits. Because the imagination of the writers is sometimes much bigger than your own… And sometimes, when you get a script, it feels like you know it all and the character is perfectly clear, but then when you go through it, suddenly you realize that it’s actually quite different…

In fact, there are quite a few more images that I haven’t yet implemented, and that would be interesting to work on. There are adventure films, superhero movies, male roles and stories about same-sex relationships – in particular, about an internal struggle of a person, about their opposition to society, etc. All of this exists today, scripts on these topics are being written, and we should not ignore them. Also, there are no war-themed pictures in my filmography. So there might actually be a lot of options.

– In what hierarchical order would you place such important parts of a film production process as the script, the cast, the director? And why?

– The captain of the ship is certainly the director, and everyone involved in the creation of the picture has to try to see it through his eyes. Even a screenwriter who entrusts his work to a director needs to understand that the idea drawn by his imagination will be somewhat transformed. Therefore, there must be complete trust in this man.

However, it is important to have it within the whole team. At all levels. I mean, I never interfere with the work of other workstations – makeup artists, costume designers, etc. Because I think if a person is a professional, they’ll do a great job and maybe even better than I can imagine. And if they don’t, I still can’t teach them anything, because that’s not my specialty.

The cast of the film, of course, is also very important. But let’s not forget that this, again, is the choice of the director and the film company. So putting it in the first place isn’t exactly right either. But in general, I would like to say that the work of every single person on the set is important. The creation of the picture is the work of a large team, the main part of which remains behind-the-scenes, but comes on shifts earlier than anyone and leaves later.


We will remind you that the shooting of the 16-episode melodrama «I will take your family» took place this autumn in Kiev and Kiev region. Kyivtelefilm Film Company carries out the complete production cycle of the film on the order of TV channel «Ukraine». It is scheduled to premiere in the first half of December of this year.

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«I will take your family»


16 episodes


Year 2021


Screenwriter: Yana Romanenko

Stage Director:  Sergey Shcherbin

Director of photography: Anton Verbin

Production designer: Alexander Ukolov

Costume designer: Tatyana Zubareva

Makeup artist: Irina Boytsova

Director of the film crew: Artem Suliga

Executive Producer: Pavel Karvan

Producers of TRC «Ukraine»: Irina Chernyak, Victoria Korogod

General producer: Valentin Opalev

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