On New Year’s Eve Alexander Rodnyansky won a mobile telephone and Anna Bezulik – 32 thousand hryvnias

22 October 2020

New Year’s Eve is a great opportunity for the broadcasters to compete: who will win? While in Soviet times the viewer simply had no choice, it was considered indecent not to watch the Blue Light from Ostankino, now every television channel is trying to surprise with something special. However, Alexander Rodnyansky has no doubt in success: “We feel confident, I would not say “cheeky”, but confident! 1+1, as usual, will show the class! It will be difficult to win the proposed projects that we prepared specially for the New Year. I think everyone will be stuck on the 1+1 button…

By the way, the general producer of the channel is going to meet the new millennium in Moscow – he will celebrate with his old friends. It can be assumed that Konstantin Ernst and his family will be among the latter, who, by the way, has a gift for Ukraine. We will talk about it later…


Igor Slisarenko will celebrate the New Year underwater, and Olga Gerasimyuk – in a hut


The shooting of the New Year’s issue of the First Million program took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere and in a company of 1+1 stars. The host of the First Million Daniil Yanevsky became the Father Frost, or rather the Santa Clause. Overnight, before the shootings, the stylists of the 1+1 channel made for him an exclusive red suit with a white rim (caftan, pants and a cap, as well as a laid on tummy pillow for massiveness). According to Yanevsky, the 1+1 hosts do not get together too often, especially on such an interesting, gambling and, most importantly, capital issue. However, Daniil Yanevsky will celebrate the New Year far from his homeland, in America, where he traditionally goes with his wife on Christmas to visit his mother-in-law.

The first at the gaming table was the television philosopher Anatoly Borsyuk, who was going to celebrate New Year traditionally in the family circle. He  completed the first qualifying round successfully, fended off Yanevsky’s “not a beard makes a man smart” and demanded the recount of a million hryvnias walled up in the scenery, but it was decided to postpone this procedure.

TSN star Alla Mazur spoke about her Polish roots and surprised with a thorough knowledge of the fairy tale about Rukavichka. The TV presenter will celebrate the New Year in the company of her old university friends – with godson Yegor and his parents.

Another TSN star, Oles Tereshchenko, turned out to be an ace in the “fairy tale” issue, explaining this by the fact that he (the youngest of the

1+1 hosts) had not yet gone very far from childhood. By the way, Oles said that this is the last New Year, which he will celebrate with his parents. In the new millennium, he is going to celebrate this holiday with his friends.

When Pan Kumko and Kum Panko (Victor Andrienko and Valentin Opalev) finally burst into the set, the host Santa Claus said he disclaims any liability for the further development of events. This was a correct decision. Even in pursuit of a million, they could not become a little more serious. However, they used the “Phone a friend” lifeline for 100% – they called the general producer of 1+1 Alexander Rodnyansky. Rodnyansky affectionately named Kumko and Panko “poor creatures” and nonetheless answered the question correctly and won a mobile phone. Viktor Andrienko and Valentin Opalev will celebrate the New Year at work: Pan Kumko and Kum Panko were invited to perform at one of Odessa’s nightclubs.

Anna Bezulik was the first who achieved the “safety net” of 32 thousand hryvnias, relying in her answers to knowledge of psychology, coquetry and … hints from the host. By this time, Anna was already completely happy, because she realized her most cherished dream. On the eve of the New Year, she gave herself a trip to Rome, where she passed under the gates of four famous cathedrals, and this is the key to happiness in the new century.

The most mysterious things began to happen on the set, when Olga Gerasimyuk sat at the gaming table. At the tensest moment, for example, her monitor went out … mystery, in a word. By the way, the most mystical Ukrainian TV presenter is going to celebrate the New Year away from civilization, somewhere in a dense forest, in a hut, in a narrow circle of friends.

The final participant of the “First Million”, according to the draw, was Igor Slisarenko. Like a man, he passed the test of erudition and endurance with dignity and humor, but for the audience of the channel this exam will begin only on December 31 and end on January 1. At this time Igor Slisarenko will celebrate the New Year under … water. The fact is that he has been diving for a year, so he decided to dive with a bottle of champagne in his hands in Simeiz with a chime of bells.

Having earned some money on the First Million, the participants of the Comedy Quartet – Valentin Opalev, Viktor Andrienko, Yury Stitskovsky and Alexey Akopyan – started their New Year’s comedy quartet program. On December 31, the Mamadou Forever Production Theater will sit in a festive cabaret. The actions at the table, on the table and under the table will involve popular comedians, famous showmen and Ukrainian pop stars. So far, the “magnificent four” have named the names of only a few program participants: Sergey Sivokho, Verka Serduchka, the Club of the Funny and Inventive team “People in White” (the former team of KhAI).

On New Year’s night Lyudmila Gurchenko will become Zemfira and Alla Pugacheva – Claudia Shulzhenko


Speaking of the Club of the Funny and Inventive! During the New Year holidays, 1+1 will broadcast the semi-finals and finals of the beloved, exciting and funny game under the leadership of the legendary Alexander Maslyakov. Favorites of the fans, spectators and television viewers – the Tapkiny Children team (Tambov), the 95th quarter (Krivoy Rog), ChP (Minsk), Three Fat Men (Khmelnitsky), Four Tatar (Kazan) – will joke on New Year’s days… about the global – about the onset of a new century, a new millennium and a new year – 2000 + 1.

For the second time, 1+1 will broadcast the traditional ORT project – “Old songs about the Most Important. Postscript “- 23 hits of the XX century performed by the most beloved artists.

The hits of the Swedish idols “ABBA” and the sex symbol of the 50s Marilyn Monroe … the charm of the Frenchwoman Edith Piaf … “Scows full of mullets” by Mark Bernes … The storyline of the program is very complicated, but, apparently, borrowed from the famous Hollywood movie “Four Rooms “. In one of the “rooms”, Valery Meladze appears with the song “Ah, this wedding sang and danced”, in the other – Alexander Buinov with Louis Armstrong’s chanson “Let my people go”, on the stage – the new Marilyn Monroe (Angelika Varum). Crazy “Ivanushki” in women’s clothing and the ABBA crazy quilt – Kristina Orbakaite, Dima Malikov, Igor Nikolaev, Marina Khlebnikova … Show in the parking lot is ensured by Maxim Leonidov (not in person, of course, but in the immortal image of Elvis Presley). Well, as in any pseudo-gangster plot, there is a Chinese laundry room, where Leonid Agutin walks around with the very “scows”. And in the public garden Tanya Bulanova sits on the bench and selflessly imitates Edith Piaf. Well, the broadcasters have imagination! They say that Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko also participates in the “Old Songs about the Most Important. Postscript” with the song by… Zemfira “Do you want?” Despite the most skeptical forecasts, Alla Borisovna was also involved in the filming. She sang the old song of the French sailors, “Oh, my dear,” before she was performed by Claudia Shulzhenko. Her husband, Philip Kirkorov, transformed in the “Old Songs” into Ricky Martin. Is this possible? However, everything is possible on New Year’s Eve!

Channel designers also prepared for the New Year. The familiar rhythms of foxtrot, break dance, tango, waltz and rock and roll were replaced by figure skating and music from the “Gadyukiny Brothers”. Instead of incendiary dancers, figure skaters of the Olympic Reserve School slipped on an ice rink: just kids and already recognized, eminent athletes. By the way, even Dmitry Dmitrenko, European champion in men’s single skating was there.

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