Bros – 4
  • Genre: Crime action movie
  • Year: 2014
  • Number of series: 32 серии
  • Premiere: 14 апреля 2014 («НТВ»)

Bros – 4

Four friends-paratroopers, who have repeatedly passed fire and water together, cannot find themselves in everyday life. Their long-term friendship seems to be about to crack because of domestic and business problems… However an accidental meeting of Makar Krylov and a particularly dangerous criminal Yuri Zhurbin helps the bros rally again to help their friend in need.

By force of duty, Makar is trying to detain Zhurbin, who is on the federal wanted list. A smart and dodgy bandit expects to hide, takes a hostage, and as a result… dies. So the FSB operation breaks down: the intelligence services followed Yuri for a long time to get his contacts. The management of Makar, who had no idea about spying on Zhurbin, became furious and transferred the police officer to a small coastal town with a demotion.

Going to his destination, Makar does not suspect that this series of troubles does not end there. With the death of Yuri, he made himself an implacable enemy in the person of the elder brother of the deceased – the boss of a huge drug cartel who sends a killer to Primorsk to liquidate Krylov…

  • Director: Владимир Виноградов, Виктор Конисевич
  • Producer: Valentin OpalevВалентин Опалев
  • Operator: Игорь Крачковский, Виктор Гусаров
  • In the roles: Алексей Кравченко, Сергей Селин, Антон Хабаров, Даниил Воробьёв, Александр Шаврин, Надежда Борисова, Дарья Калмыкова, Александр Булатов, Макар Самойлов, Александр Лаптий, Юрий Бондаренко, Андрей Лебедев, Денис Карасёв, Игорь Миркурбанов, Михаил Хмуров, Сергей Цепов, Вадим Цаллати, Елена Осипова, Олег Осипов, Бесо Гатаев, Вадим Медведев, Александр Серов-Останкинский, Рамаз Чиаурели, Максим Амельченко, Алексей Колган, Владимир Кебин, Руслан Хабибуллов, Михаил Негин, Артур Мартиросян, Михаил Самохвалов
  • Scriptwriter: Андрей Тартаков, Камиль Закиров
  • Composer: Владимир Сайко
  • Painter: Антонина Маврина, Андрей Дубинин, Анна Неволина
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