Crime teacher. 2 season
  • Genre: Crime romanceCriminal romance
  • Year: 2010
  • Number of series: 16 серий
  • Premiere: 23 марта 2010 («НТВ»)

Crime teacher. 2 season

The criminal authority Bogomol was given a terrible diagnosis – a brain tumor. Doctors leave no hope. Bogomol’s only goal for the short time left to him was to find a son and a woman with whom he was once close. However, having arrived in a city where he had not been more than ten years old, Bogomol finds out that Marina lost herself in drinking, and their son, Vanya, was sent to an orphanage, but he ran away and, according to rumors, lives with street children at the station.

At the same time, in the town of Solnechny, where Bogomol worked for some time as a literature teacher and managed to destroy the drug trade channel, strange events are taking place. Instead of a fair trial of a gang of drug dealers, there are constant attacks on witnesses and pressure is exerted on investigators…

  • Director: Александр Мохов
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Игорь Крачковский
  • In the roles: Юрий Беляев, Денис Парамонов, Сергей Газаров, Георгий Пицхелаури, Александр Мохов, Александр Кузнецов, Дальвин Щербаков, Михаил Хомяков, Елена Катышева, Юрий Осипов, Игнатий Акрачков, Лев Борисов, Алла Покровская, Игорь Филиппов, Дарья Калмыкова, Александр Фисенко, Павел Артёмов, Сергей Баровский, Кристина Бабушкина, Вячеслав Агашкин, Александр Воробьёв, Юрий Бондаренко, Иван Гришанов, Сергей Жолобов, Юрий Шибанов, Алексей Анненков, Артём Чилек, Сергей Белов, Алексей Аптовцев, Андрей Тартаков
  • Scriptwriter: Камиль Закиров, Кристина Кобзева, Алексей Подосенов, Сергей Иванов
  • Composer: Арнольд Манукян, Андрей Сенин
  • Painter: Андрей Почаев
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