• Genre: Crime melodramaCriminal romance
  • Year: 2017
  • Number of series: 4 серии
  • Premiere: 2 сентября 2018 (ТРК Украина)


She is a swindler, raised in orphanage, who has long ago forbidden herself to dream of a family, accustomed to relying only on herself. She got a nickname “Dragonfly” for the ability to chat till you drop.

He is a police captain, her complete opposite. Adhering to principles, decent, pedantic. He dreams to send the Dragonfly to prison, but she always makes a fool of him. They cannot stand each other and will never admit, even to themselves, that they are attracted to each other.

Igor nevertheless manages to catch Dragonfly, but she is the only witness in a high-profile case against the organized crime figure Rumyntsev. The police offers Irina a deal: her testimony in exchange for security and an “amnesty” for all her past sins. The cornered Dragonfly agrees but she does not know that until the trial she and Igor, who is assigned to her as a guard, will have to live in another city under the guise of loving spouses. The already difficult situation is complicated by the fact that an ever-quarreling couple is put into a communal apartment, where a very eccentric old writer and two children, whose mother has disappeared, live. In such a way, five lonely souls gather under one roof and by coincidence manage to become a real family…

  • Director: Валерий Ибрагимов
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Александр Андрияшин, Максим Баев
  • In the roles: Вера Шпак, Тимофей Каратаев, Валерий Баринов, Николай Боклан, Евгений Ефремов, Денис Мартынов, Мария Климова, Ярослав Гуревич, Дмитрий Лаленков, Мария Арнаут, Александр Заднепровский, Михаил Чертилин, Вероника Гончар, Олег Стальчук, Валерий Шептекита и др.
  • Scriptwriter: Яна Романенко
  • Composer: Никита Янощук
  • Painter: Павел Карван
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