• Genre: Drama
  • Year: 2021
  • Number of series: 16 series
  • Premiere: 2021 (TRK Ukraine)


The life of 39-year-old kind and responsible Elena was not much different from her peers: a long-established marriage, two children, a usual job … Elena sincerely believed that she knew in advance her future easily predictable life: the time will come – she will retire, she and her husband Kolya finally, they will buy a dacha, plant a garden … But one day her younger sister Rita appears on the doorstep of the house – their mother’s favorite, a beauty with a dark past. Ambitious, envious, hypocritical, skillfully portraying an angel, Rita in a matter of days turns the whole family against Elena, trying to take her place.

The sudden death of her son, her husband’s betrayal, the loss of a job, a serious quarrel with her daughter and, like a cherry on the cake, the blind conviction of her mother – Zinaida Petrovna that “Ritochka” has nothing to do with it – that Lena herself turned out to be such a worthless daughter, wife and mother – bring a desperate woman to the bridge at night. Confident that her life is over at the age of forty and nothing can be fixed, the drunken Lena tries to commit suicide. But on a whim of fate, one more person appears on the bridge – the cold-blooded cynical Mikhail, who has lost faith in people. He came here to honor the memory of his sister, who exactly two years ago threw herself from the same bridge on the same night.

Unable to stop his sister in due time, Mikhail does “work on mistakes” – he pulls the resisting Elena off the railing. He is very angry with himself, since he does not burn with the desire to interfere in someone’s life, and even more so to take responsibility for this inadequate drunk lady, who call him a “maniac”. But he also cannot leave Elena, because he understands: as soon as he leaves, she will finish what she started. Being cornered, the annoyed Mikhail pushes the indignant Elena into the car and takes her to a new life in order to prove to the desperate woman that “she will always be in time from the bridge” …

  • Director: Sergey Scherbin
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Anton Verbin
  • In the roles: Anna Miklos, Alexander Nikitin, Evgeniya Osipova, Andrey Nesterenko, Alexandra Kashtanova, Sergey Gromov, Alexey Zubkov, Igor Rubashkin and others.
  • Scriptwriter: Yana Romanenko
  • Painter: Alexander Ukolov
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