Maryina roshcha
  • Genre: Detective
  • Year: 2012
  • Number of series: 16 серий
  • Premiere: 14 января 2013 («Россия-1»)

Maryina roshcha

Operative of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department Konstantin Troshin returns from the front after victory in the Great Patriotic War and finds out that he no longer works in the police. The reason is a conflict with an influential general of the People’s Commissariat for State Security of the USSR.  Troshin cannot imagine his life without the police. He manages to get the post of the district police officer in the most disadvantaged area of Moscow – Maryina Roshcha.

Due to personal problems, Troshin is forced to settle in a communal apartment, here in Maryina Roshcha.

Being at the epicenter of the criminal environment and closely converging with its inhabitants, Troshin investigates cold-blooded murders, daring raids and ingenious scams.

However criminals are not Troshin’s goal. He sets himself the task of eradicating the crime itself.

Being in the position of the district police officer, he gradually becomes an arbitrator, whom people trust to separate good from evil.

  • Director: Александр Хван
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Николай Трухин
  • In the roles: Александр Домогаров, Евгения Крюкова, Юрий Шлыков, Виктор Тереля, Борис Романов, Алексей Михайлов, Яна Львова, Сергей Комаров, Пётр Зайченко, Людмила Давыдова, Ольга Науменко, Татьяна Мухина, Савва Гусев, Егор Баринов, Константин Желдин, Ирина Гордина, Лина Весёлкина, Полина Лунегова, Анна Вербовская, Андрей Груздов, Игорь Филиппов, Дмитрий Гусев, Евгений Харланов, Наталья Литвинова, Анастасия Платонова, Сергей Дьячков, Константин Глушков, Михаил Горский, Михаил Солодко, Максим Макаров, Виктор Немец
  • Scriptwriter: Валентин Емельянов
  • Composer: Борис Кинер, Александр Прокопович
  • Painter: Феликс Ростоцкий
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