Return of the prodigal father
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Year: 2006
  • Number of series: 2 episodes
  • Premiere: October 5, 2006 ("Russia")

Return of the prodigal father

Finally, fortune smiled upon the young talented doctor Alexei. He – an ordinary provincial doctor – was invited to work in the capital. He must treat the athletes of the famous hockey team. Alexei’s girlfriend – beautiful Svetlana – really wanted to go with him to the capital, but, unfortunately, her plan failed. The doctor went to the capital alone and Sveta did not even come to see him. After 6 years, the young people meet again and a feeling flared up between them…

  • Director: Egor Grammatikov
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Alexey Kopienko
  • In the roles: Dmitry Isaev, Lyubov Tolkalina, Grigory Gavrilov, Alexander Dyachenko, Yuri Nazarov, Natalia Bochkareva, Gennady Egorov, Ruslan Dzhaybekov and others.
  • Scriptwriter: Alexander Detkov
  • Composer: Vyacheslav Osminin
  • Painter: David Dadunashvili
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