Train to the north
  • Genre: action
  • Year: 2013
  • Number of series: 4 серии
  • Premiere: 27 октября 2013 («НТВ»)

Train to the north

Boris Fedorovich Gromov is an elderly but still strong man. He lives with a large family on a farm in central Russia. He has a glorious past – he served in the landing force, worked in the north on large Soviet construction sites, but today he is already a worked out material for his family, they do not take his opinion seriously and half-jokingly speak of his imminent funeral. His only joy is the granddaughter Lilya, an eighteen years old beauty.

The family, faced with big debts, is planning against the grandfather’s will to marry Lilya the son of a local oligarch, the fool Valerik. Boris Fedorovich gets to know about this and is going to prove that it is not time to consider him as a rival yet. The granddaughter is ready to sacrifice herself to help the family get out of the debt hole. Exacting a promise from Lilya not to get married for two months, Gromov goes to Magadan region, where his old friend works as the head of a gold mine in order to earn money and save his granddaughter from an unhappy marriage. Moreover, somewhere in that region a plane with gold was lost, and the state announced a reward to the one who finds this gold and returns it. Why not to try luck?

On the way, the grandfather will try to gather his comrades with whom he once worked, then he will get to the mine and find an old friend, but in the end he will be left alone with the cold and taiga. Only iron will, unbending character and luck will help Gromov achieve his purpose…

  • Director: Алексей Гусев
  • Producer: Валентин Опалев
  • Operator: Антон Вербин
  • In the roles: Владимир Гостюхин, Владимир Стеклов, Юрий Кузнецов, Александр Аравушкин, Алла Пролич, Татьяна Калих, Софья Лебедева, Светлана Никифорова, Сергей Пукита, Олеся Пуховая, Геннадий Готовчиц, Сергей Князев, Михаил Павлик, Владимир Гусев, Анна Зайцева, Антон Старовойтов, Сергей Зыгмантович, Виктор Васильев, Максим Брагинец, Павел Адамчиков, Дмитрий Медведев, Максим Кречетов, Антон Жуков, Андрей Олиференко, Олег Вебер, Дмитрий Глазачев, Сергей Юревич, Игорь Денисов, Руслан Чернецкий, Валерий Зеленский
  • Scriptwriter: Эльвира Серёгина, Алексей Киселев
  • Composer: Борис Кинер, Александр Прокопович
  • Painter: Владимир Близнюк
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