Vera crisis
  • Genre: Melodrama
  • Year: 2007
  • Number of series: 2 episodes
  • Premiere: March 16, 2008 (TVC)

Vera crisis

Vera is a charming woman a little over thirty. Her career is developing successfully, but her romantic life is not going well. Returning home late at night, after a corporate party, Vera accidentally knocks down a young guy Anton. She takes the victim to the hospital. Feeling guilty, Vera is ready to do everything for Anton to recover. She visits him at the hospital. Gradually a relationship is established between them. After discharge, Anton moves to Vera, and gets a job as a photographer in the same company. Meanwhile, a prosperous company, overnight, is almost on the verge of bankruptcy: someone lures away an important contract. Anton is under suspicion…

  • Director: Ksana Kharlamova
  • Producer: Valentin Opalev
  • Operator: Alexander Suvorov
  • In the roles: Yana Lvova, Kirill Safonov, Natalya Gudkova, Alexey Kolgan, Vyacheslav Razbegaev, Valery Barinov, Evgenia Savkina, Alexander Vlasov, Galina Kashkovskaya, Mikhail Mamaev, Dmitry Mityurich, Yela Sanko and others.
  • Scriptwriter: Dmitry Kurilov
  • Composer: Maxim Rohvarger
  • Painter: Andrey Pochaev
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